AbbVie Care is a patient support program that provides a range of services that can help you on your treatment journey with RINVOQ. To access any of the extra services that AbbVie Care provides, you will need to create an AbbVie Care account. To create an account, click on any of the links below for the service(s) you would like access to.

Always speak to your healthcare professional before making changes to your diet or exercise regimen.

Important note on reminders

These reminders are to assist you with the usual reminder methods that you have adopted for taking your medication. You should not rely solely on this service alone to remind you to take your RINVOQ.

These reminders are as per the standard or usual dosing schedule in the RINVOQ Consumer Medicine Information (CMI); however, your specialist may advise that you follow a different dosing schedule for your specific situation.

Always follow your specialist’s advice on when and how much RINVOQ to take.

The Health Coaching service and information offered through AbbVie Care is general in nature and is in addition to the support and advice available from your healthcare team. You should always speak to your doctor for tailored advice for your condition or if you have any questions about your health and treatment.

AbbVie Care is here to support you. You can update or opt-out of your services at any time.

Manage Communications

To opt-out of the communications you receive from AbbVie Care across all services, please click here.

To set up other AbbVie Care services or to edit the notifications you get from the services(s) you have already signed up for, click on the service link above or navigate to the service in the “AbbVie Care Services” tab in the menu.