1. Only Australian residents who have been prescribed and dispensed an AbbVie Medication for an indication and dosing schedule registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (Medication) (together, Medications) by their healthcare professional are eligible to enrol in and continue their participation in an AbbVie Care patient support program.
  2. Not all Medications will have a patient support program under AbbVie Care. Those Medications eligible for a patient support program will have a dedicated program specific to the prescribed Medication (Program) (together, Programs).
  3. If enrolment into a Program is for a patient prescribed a paediatric indication of a Medication, and the patient is under 18 years of age, a legal parent/carer/guardian can give consent for the patient to be enrolled in a Program.
  4. Programs are sponsored by AbbVie Pty Ltd (ABN 48 156 384 262) (AbbVie) and managed and administered by AbbVie’s nominated third party providers (Service Providers). Service Providers facilitate the provision of all communications, including phone calls, mail, emails, SMS and any future digital communication channels that may become available for the Programs.
  5. Each Program may offer a range of health, wellness and treatment logistics services. The range of activities and services offered is specific to each Medication and will vary between Programs. Participation in a Program is designed to complement and support the prescribing instructions of a healthcare professional who is responsible for prescribing the Medication for a specific medical condition (Prescribing Specialist). All services offered under a Program are optional, allowing patients to opt into all or a selection of the available services.
  6. A Program does not replace the advice of a Prescribing Specialist or other healthcare professional (HCP). Patients should speak to their Prescribing Specialist if they have any questions or concerns about their treatment. Patients should also refer to their Medications’ Consumer Medicines Information available at or by calling AbbVie Medical Information on 1800 043 460 if they have any further questions or concerns.
  7. The eligibility of a patient to remain enrolled in a Program is determined by the criteria outlined in clause 1 above, which will be verified on an ongoing basis by Service Providers (e.g. by asking the patient if they are still taking a Medication). AbbVie reserves the right to discontinue the provision of services to a patient under a Program, if a patient does not meet the eligibility criteria.
  8. Patients may opt out of any of the Services of a Program, at any time by calling 1800 222 843 or writing to: AbbVie Care Team at AbbVie Care, Reply Paid 86675, PO Box 6042, North Sydney NSW 2059 (no stamp required), follow the opt out instruction in SMS and email, or fax to 1800 219 836.
  9. Patients may opt out of an entire Program by calling 1800 222 843.
  10. If patients opt out of a Program, personal information collected from them during their participation in a Program may still be held for purposes permitted by law, including reporting purposes. To the extent personal information is retained, it will be handled in accordance with the Program Privacy Policy.
  11. AbbVie reserves the right to cease funding a Program and/or terminate any or all of the Programs with reasonable notice at any time.
  12. AbbVie reserves the right to change and/or cease providing any of the services within a Program with reasonable notice at any time.


13. The Programs may offer all or some of the following services:
a. Self-Injection Training - involves training on appropriate self-injection technique. Following a patient’s enrolment, their personal information will be provided to a third-party nursing services agency that will contact the patient to arrange the training.
b. Allied Health Support Products and Services - involves allied health support services from Service Providers. Following enrolment, an allied health professional will contact the patient to identify a health goal the patient wishes to work towards. The allied health professional may also provide information about additional support services. The Programs may also offer support products to patient to assist with quality use of their Medication.
c. General Health and Wellness Information – involves regular communications covering a range of educational topics through different communication channels, reminders about optional Program offerings and offers to participate in surveys.
d. Reminder Services – may involve reminder services regarding the timing of a patient’s Medication, the collection of the prescription, and appointments with their Prescribing Specialist. The Reminder Services provided by a Program are to assist with the usual medication reminder methods that a patient has adopted for the timing of their Medication, the collection of their prescription, and appointments with their Prescribing Specialist. Patients should not rely solely on this service to remind them of the actions required.
e. Online and mobile platforms – involves access to a password protected, comprehensive range of online support services and management tips at “” (Website), including support tools and information relating to the Medication.
f. Medication Management Services – includes all of the following: 1. Getting Started, includes a series of communications regarding whether or not a patient has received their prescription, guidance on the next steps of the logistics of their treatment journey, and preparing for the next pharmacy visit; 2. Staying on Track includes communications at key times to assist with managing a patient’s appointment schedule (including with their Prescribing Specialist and appointments for pathology tests, if relevant); 3. Pharmacy Liaison Services, includes reminder services and regular contact with a patient’s pharmacist to confirm their prescription is filled at the right times.

The Staying on Track and Pharmacy Liaison communications are to assist patients with their usual reminder methods that they have adopted for managing their appointment schedules. Patients should not rely solely on these services to remind them of the actions required.

14. As part of a patient’s participation in the Medication Management Services, and in order to provide patients with the associated Pharmacy Liaison Services, patients must nominate a pharmacy where they intend to fill their prescription (Pharmacy). Patients must consent to a Service Provider providing their name and contact information to the Pharmacy to correctly identify the patient. Following enrolment, a Service Provider will contact the Pharmacy and confirm the patient’s pharmacy ID number with the primary pharmacist (Pharmacist). The purpose of this process is to ensure the Pharmacist receives an outline of a patient’s Program and confirmation of their enrolment in that Program. This also allows a Service Provider to provide the Pharmacy Liaison Services, which includes confirming a patient’s prescription status each month, and providing the reminder services. Information obtained from the Pharmacy Liaison Service is shared with a patient’s Prescribing Specialist to assist with managing their treatment with the Medication.

How to enrol in a Program
15. Patients may enrol in a Program either by:

  1. self-enrolment – at by phoning 1800 222 843, emailing, or by SMS to 0414 222 843;
  2. Prescribing Specialist’s referral (when available); or
  3. Pharmacist’s referral (when available).
  1. In order to enrol in a Program and opt into any or all of the available services, patients must acknowledge that they have understood and agreed to the AbbVie Care Terms and Conditions and the Program Privacy Policy.
  2. If a patient is referred for enrolment by their Prescribing Specialist, the patient’s contact information (email address and/or phone number) will be provided to a Service Provider, who will contact the patient to complete their enrolment.
  3. Prescribing Specialist enrolled in a Program can nominate additional staff (e.g. clinic nurses, clinic administrators or other authorised personnel) (Delegates) to communicate with Service Providers to assist with a patient’s participation in a Program.
  4. If patients are referred by their Pharmacist for enrolment, the patient’s contact information (email address and/or phone number) will be provided to a Service Provider, who will contact the patient to complete their enrolment. Pharmacists may receive a payment from AbbVie as a result of referring a patient for enrolment in a Program.

PRIVACY NOTICES Before submitting any information and agreeing to enrol in a Program, patients should be aware of and consent to the Patients Privacy Notice Prescribing Specialists and Healthcare Professionals should also be aware of and consent to the Healthcare Professional Privacy Notice

CLA-AU-210027 November 2021